Ilia Glotov

Lives in Novi Sad, Serbia

Open to work

  • I’m currently looking for a job as a Senior Linux Systems Engineer or an SRE/DevOps Engineer position. Please see my CV or LinkedIn profile.
  • Expat (🇷🇺→🇬🇪→🇷🇸), still whistling in the dark; proud father of three.
I recently quit the systems engineer position at SOFTSWISS. Fast learner (but systematic enough); a security enthusiast; I have significant experience with Linux, various monitoring and configuration management tools, and Linux servers/databases/web apps troubleshooting. I previously worked as a DevOps engineer at Vsemayki.ru (the great place to replace all this boring IT merch), supl.biz (growing b2b marketplace), cbr.ru (some uncommon bank), systems administrator at tsu.ru (cozy Siberian university), and many more outstanding companies. Seen some stuff.